Ridding Your Home of Popcorn Ceilings – It Is About More Than Visual Aesthetics

Ridding Your Home of Popcorn Ceilings – It Is About More Than Visual Aesthetics Popcorn ceiling, as it is so commonly referred to, is also called stucco ceiling, acoustic ceiling or even cottage cheese ceiling. Whatever name you choose, the results are still the same – an outdated type of ceiling covering that could be posing a health threat to you and your family. This type of ceiling became popular due to the fact that it was an easy and cost-effective way to cover interior ceilings, as well as help make them more soundproof.
That often made them popular with environments like apartments because it was a quick way to prep the place for a new tenant, as well as help avoid noise bleed through from one rental unit to another. This material is simply sprayed into place and ready to go.
However, aside from being out of fashion for years now, acoustic ceiling installed prior to the late 1970s could be at risk of containing asbestos. It was not until the Clean Air Act of 1978 that this changed, and asbestos fibers were replaced with a paper-based Styrofoam alternative. Protect yourself, improve your home and avoid any possible problems by learning more about popcorn ceilings and your Fort Lauderdale home.

Become an Informed Homeowner

Another problem is that although the ban on asbestos in building materials was put in place in 1978, some existing inventories of this material were still used all the way into the 80’s. Due to economic hardships, builders felt that they could justify using up the back stock of material that they already had, even though it meant potentially putting people’s health at risk.
Here are some other things that you should know about:

Above all else, have your popcorn ceiling checked for asbestos. There is no good reason for leaving this material in your home and putting the health of yourself and your loved ones at risk. This is also vital because any building materials containing asbestos must be handled, removed and disposed of by a trained and certified professional.

This style of textured ceiling is also notorious for trapping dirt and dust. The texture collects and holds on to this unwanted debris, causing it to look unsightly as well as pose a health threat to you and your loved ones. Pet dander, cobwebs and general dust can linger and trigger respiratory related health issues, such as asthma and allergies.

On top of that, it is next to impossible to clean, making it more of a problem. Once the texture retains the contaminants, there is no easy way to rid your ceiling of it. Most traditional cleaning efforts merely smear the dirt around, plus cause peaks of texturizing to break off. Vacuuming is about the only way to make any headway, and who has time to regularly vacuum their ceilings?

Sure it looks outdated, but even beyond appearances, if your ceiling ends up needing repairs, it only makes things worse. Cottage cheese ceiling material is not easy to fix, especially since you cannot do spot repairs without it being visible. The repairs become the focal point of the ceiling and room, unless you intend to replace the entire ceiling.

Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best

Cover In Paint is ready to meet and exceed your expectations for any service we offer, including popcorn ceiling removal. There is no reason to continue to have this material in your home, nor should you accept shoddy workmanship in order to get it removed. You should be able to have a sense of pride in your home and the way that it looks, as well as feel safe.
We want to be able to help rectify the situation by offering the best possible solutions. The work we do is superior, and the results are meant to be long term. We want you to be beyond satisfied with the work we do.
Do not attempt to DIY popcorn ceiling removal, or leave it to someone lacking the proper credentials to get the job done. Get in touch with us immediately to get the process started.

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